Recovering From Heartbreak

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10 July 2012
Recovering from Heartbreak - End of a Relationship - Get Over Breakups


The end of a relationship is among one of the hardest and most emotionally trying experiences many of us will have to deal with in our lives. The feeling of heartbreak can seem like it is all encompassing, and the very idea of moving on can feel overwhelming. But, as they say, this too shall pass. Here are steps you can follow that can help you feel whole again as you recover from heartbreak.


Allow Yourself to Grieve

Regardless of how or why the relationship ended, there is always pain when we lose something that we once held dear. It can be tempting to want to shut out the emotional pain and find a quick fix to fill the emptiness you feel in your heart, but grieving is an essential part of the healing process or recovering from heartbreak. Denying yourself of this will only make it more difficult to eventually move on in a healthy way.


Keep in mind that although grieving is both healthy and necessary, you can’t allow it to consume you. It’s important to recognize the difference between mourning a loss and falling into a depression. 


Remember Your Value

When recovering from heartbreak, it’s so very important to remember that the ended relationship is not a reflection of your worth as a person. Everyone has beautiful and unique gifts to share with the world, and is valuable and treasured by their friends and family. During this time, try to focus on what you add to the world – the talents you share, the kindness you offer, and the joy you bring to the lives of those who love you. You are a precious and integral part of your community who has so much to give and share with others, and are defined by so much more than your romantic relationships.


Regain Your Strength

The devastation of heartbreak can leave you feeling drained and empty – emotionally, spiritually and physically. You can encourage the process of rebuilding and regaining your strength by beginning to replace tiring negative thoughts with empowering and inspiring positive ones. Regain control of your emotions, using them in a way that empowers and rejuvenates you. Meditation can be an excellent way to embark on this journey of learning to find clarity and balance as you learn love yourself again. Let yourself feel enabled by focusing on your strengths, and lean upon them to find the motivation you need.


Give Love

One of the best and most powerful ways to help yourself learn to accept and share love again is to give freely of your own heart – though not necessarily romantically. Open your heart to the love of your friends and family. Volunteer at a youth organization. Spend time at an animal shelter – or take home a furry friend of your own. There are so many opportunities out there to share your love with those who truly need and appreciate it. By giving of your own heart, you will help yourself to be ready to love and be loved romantically again.


Though difficult, recovering from heartbreak is a process that you will be able to make it through. It may seem dark at the time, but a bright future full of love and happiness lies ahead of you.


What advice do you have for those recovering from heartbreak? Tell us in the comments.


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