5 Imminent Threats to Your Children and How to Protect Them

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15 October 2012
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We are all rightly concerned about the upbringing of children. We live in a world of many differing opinions and philosophies. Family planning is complex, because morally and ethically, there are so many different shades of gray. Ideally, we want to teach our children to be smart (as in not gullible), to be positive and to be tolerant and helpful to others. However, our families are under threat in our modern world, and parents must take decisive steps to filter out bad advice. Here are five imminent threats and five solutions.


1. An Air of Hopelessness
When problems and conflict arise, the first reaction of many is to sink into despair, lamenting what horrible things are in the world. While we don’t want to be in denial of what’s happening around us, you cannot let an attitude of hopelessness start to affect your children! They must constantly be taught that positive thoughts and actions can help to change the world for the betterment of humanity Family life should involve teaching children the value of hope.


2. An Epidemic of Average
Everywhere we look, we see society squashing individual ambition. Your children need strong parenting - the type that assures them that they can and will succeed, if they are committed to a goal. True, the goals change sometimes. Sometimes the environment changes. However, as long as a person lives there is opportunity to succeed.Child rearing advice in this case would be to always emphasize to him or her, that dreams are worth pursuing - against all odds.


3. Harsh Negativity
With the advent of the Internet and social media, children are now being exposed to highly negative influences - particularly in the area of “online friends” or acquaintances who derive joy from mocking the values of others, criticizing others, and generally behaving in a misanthropic sort of way. Allowing a child to absorb this level of hard cynicism so early on could be disastrous. The best advice for parents is to monitor children’s viewing habits online; don’t merely check for violence or adult content - check the attitude. Because these associates are influencing your children!


4. A Lack of Education
Public schooling may begin the day, but ideally, a child never stops learning. Ever! Even when he or she becomes of legal age. However, education is paramount during the formative years, and while there is a plethora of knowledge in the world, the most popular pastimes of 2012 are not really focused on education. Positive parenting should be very interested in education; in diversity of views and in the emphasizing of fundamentals.


5. Consumer Debt
Everywhere a child looks, he or she is being told to buy, buy, buy! This is a sure way to prepare him or her for an adulthood of debt. Parenting advice suggests it is important to teach children people skills in their youth, including the importance of saving money, resisting impulse buying and career and life planning. Organization, goal setting and resource management early on (even with toys, food and the like) will help a child approach life from a productive point of view.


What do you think, friends? What have you found helpful in raising children in the 21st century?



All good stuff

All good stuff

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