The Awakening of a New Earth is Here with Archangel Gabriel

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08 October 2012
Free Angel Reading - Message From The Angels - Jenn Royster


Channeled by Jenn Royster


Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of Heaven and this week Gabriel sings a joyous song for we are in full swing as the new higher consciousness energies are flowing to earth; healing, cleansing, and removing toxic and lower frequency energy. There are many on earth already and living in the higher 4th and 5th dimensions. Some have one foot in each! You will know you are vibrating in a 5th dimension frequency when you are responding and living with intention from a place of Love, no matter what another is doing.


Conditional Love is a 3rd dimensional reality and according to the Angels is now outdated thinking! There is only Unconditional Love, which is a Love for ALL of Life, in the 5th Dimension. What a beautiful reality! Archangel Gabriel brings a message on how you can be a part of this great energy shift now which is powerful healing. As I listen to Gabriel dictate this message to us, my heart is filled with joy and comfort lifts me up in excitement for the future of this planet. I can see the vision of a beautiful world where Life is respected and honored and nature responds in kind with abundant bounty. What a beautiful time to be here on earth when we choose to do our part as an individual. Let the miracles begin.


I am honored to deliver these free angel messages to you from the Angels. -Jenn Royster


Message from Archangel Gabriel:


Stand up and sing a song of joy with me for it’s a glorious time to be on earth. We are actively working to awaken the frequencies throughout all of earth. For now is the time to join us and send out Love to ALL of LIFE in ALL corners of the earth. No one is denied the opportunity to ascend to a higher consciousness, but you do have to choose to participate.


I bring you a message filled with hope and ways you can gently lift the frequency to align with Love. Happiness is abundant in the 5th level and awaits you. It’s time to put away old thinking, it will not benefit or lift you.


You will know you are in old thinking when stress, fear, and worry preoccupy your thoughts. You can gently raise your frequency when your thoughts are joyful, positive and encouraging. Call on us the Angels to help lift you when you struggle with this concept. For the more you are aligned in a higher frequency, the more you are resonating with the 5th level.


You have been going back and forth between levels for a while, but now is the time to focus more on the higher level. You can do this and we will help you. You deserve the happiness we speak about. The illusion of lack is fading and the the more you let go of this thinking the more you will see the new reality of abundance!


There will be some that will not choose this path, and there will be lower frequency situations that will need prayers. Please call on us whenever you see a situation, person or any negative experience, for when you call on us, we will send clearing and Divine Love energy to lift the frequency. This is the most powerful act you can do right now. Send Love to ALL situations and ask us to intervene, we will bring Divine Love’s power to transmute this. We will bring this to you when you are resonating at a lower frequency when you ask. Join us and ask us daily to assist healing in your area.


This is most needed at this time and every time you do this, you are a part of healing earth and all that live on her. Light workers on earth are now shining a light on the path to help you. Earth Angels are looking after nature and animals, and we the Angelic Realm, are responding to your prayers daily. Keep the faith and seek your truth and you shall be free and lifted to the higher level in the 5th.


I send you Love to carry you through,


-Archangel Gabriel


Master Jenn Royster, D.DIV. is a world-renowned Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. To learn more about Jenn Royster, visit her on or go to her website at, Facebook or Twitter.



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