Cancer Diagnosis: A Death Sentence Or A Call To Freedom?

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10 October 2012
Cancer sign - Call To Freedom - Cancer Experience


Four years after his diagnosis of cancer, my husband transitioned. He died. For me, this was a learning experience like no other. Often, it is not until one gets a diagnosis such as this, does a person see that their life is out of balance and that this diagnosis is nothing more than a call to move into the balance of health and well-being that is their true nature. There are many things I learned from that experience that I am certain others can benefit from.


The thing about a cancer diagnosis that is most difficult to deal with is how loaded the word is in this culture.


The very word cancer sends terror into the hearts of so many because of all that is written and talked about.


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If one could see cancer as an indicator of habits of negative thinking causing distress in the body, it is much easier to begin to move into well-being. Cancer is a vibrational illness and for the most part, each person who has cancer will tell you that there were signs that things were not going well way before the diagnosis.


Even though it may seem like it came out of the blue, that is never the case. I have spoken with many people who have had cancer and all have said the same thing. In other words they were not listening to their inner guidance system.


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What to do now?

Based on my experience with my husband and knowing about law of attraction, here are many recommendations for anyone who is diagnosed with cancer. If I were you I would implement as many of these as quickly as possible. These suggestions may seem simple but trust me, they have a profound effect on your well-being and return to health.


From A – Z:

a) Learn to have fun again. Listen to what is fun for you and do it.


b) Laugh more and often. Laughter is a high vibration and is a sign of health


c) Stop reading or watching the news. It is not accurate and mostly depressing. Remember that a reporter’s job is to sell news and most often this is done by focusing on that which is negative and make it a huge deal. And the truth is if the news was accurate, one would hear 5 minutes of negative news and an hour of positive news. There is much more well-being on this planet than not.


d) Watch only uplifting and positive TV shows or movies.


e) Go for more walks along the river or beach


f) Eat your favorite foods


g) Focus only on the health that you are seeking. Take your focus completely off of your symptoms. This one can be difficult if you are seeing doctors because for the most part doctors are symptom focused rather than wellness focused. Limit visits as much as possible.


h) Become truly clear on what makes you happy and do more of it.


i) Focus your thoughts only on that that feels good


j) Either clean up or let go of relationships that are not healthy


k) Have each day be a pleasure-filled day either by focusing on pleasant things or by doing enjoyable activities.


l) Listen to more of your favorite music


m) Take more time to be in nature.


n) Understand that cancer or any other diagnosis cannot stay in a happy feeling body. It can and has left many bodies.


o) Do not even use the word cancer, in this culture this word is too loaded with fear-filled thoughts and then makes it harder for you to stay positively focused.


p) Do not talk about your illness, it actually makes it worse. It gives it energy.


q) Let go of any fear-filled thoughts and know that you can recover and live a much longer life.


r) Let go of any thoughts that death is a bad thing. Death is just a transition into another experience that will be glorious. Understand that we are eternal beings and whether you live or whether you transition, either choice will be fine.


s) Relax often, learn some wonderful breathing exercises that help to bring the body back into a good feeling place. Tension always means we are out of alignment and have thoughts that are holding us back from happiness.


t) Choose a doctor who spreads hope and not doom. Do not listen to or get anxious when people express your prognosis, no one knows how to get well better than you do.


u) Listen to your emotions, they will guide you to your wellness each and every step of the way. If something feels bad, stop doing it or change the thought to one that is more hopeful and happy feeling.


v) Find things that make you laugh and do more of them.


w) Take the time to really get to know the people you love. Do fun things with them and let them know how much you appreciate them


x) Begin each day with a 10 minute meditation and then take 20 min. to write or think about things and people you appreciate.


y) If things from your past are bothering you, find a Journey practitioner who can help you clear out this old ‘stuff.’ Or go to a Journey Intensive workshop where you can learn the necessary skills to free yourself of old negative events. Click HERE if you want to experience a Journey process that you can use over and over again each time releasing old stuff and clearing out blocks.


z) Listen to and read the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks on the Law of Attraction. They are the most profound teachers on this subject and their work may inspire and give you insights into how to most quickly attract the wellness that your higher self has already created for you.


zz) Do only those things that have a HELL YES coming forth from within as much as possible. For example, if you get invited out for dinner and you do not feel like it, stay home!! If you get asked to do something and from within you feel a “HELL YES I want to do this”, do it. Soon you will find yourself only doing those things that you REALLY WANT to do.


Doctors for the most part are trained in looking at symptoms and they then try to find ways to alleviate the symptoms. Usually drugs are used. What most doctors really have no idea about yet is that illness is vibrational, it is about energy. When this becomes common knowledge, I think that the above suggestions will be a regular list of suggested actions given by doctors for any person with a diagnosis of cancer or any other illness.


What are you tips on helping your body to heal? Share with us and spread the knowledge!


Master Joanie McMahon has been helping thousands of people understand who they really are. A true expert successfully combining her genuine love of helping people achieve their dreams through self-discovery and empowerment. Joanie has enriched and changed the lives of many. For more on Joanie, visit her on or go to her website at, Facebook or Twitter.



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