Law Of Attraction And Getting To Happy

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24 October 2012
Law Of Attraction Tips - Happy Stories - Vibrational Energy


Law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. If we want it to work in our favor it means our work is getting to happy. Let me explain! We are vibrational beings and extensions of source energy or what we often call God or spirit.


Law of attraction draws to us experiences and people according to our vibration or energy. Vibration and energy reveal themselves in our emotions. Low vibration or energy means being in negative emotions like sadness, anger, and blame. These emotions feel bad because they are NOT who we really are.


Emotions are indicators of whether we are moving towards happiness or away from happiness. Positive emotions tell us we are moving towards our own happiness. Likewise negative emotions tell us we are moving away from our own happiness.


Law of attraction is simple, when we feel good we are in Source Energy, and when we feel bad and constricted we are not in this energy, in fact we are working against this energy.


Law of attraction experts Jerry & Esther Hicks are the teachers of the teachers of the law of attraction. I highly recommend their teachings. Jerry and Esther Hicks developed this knowledge of our emotional guidance. The main goal in life is feeling good or getting happy. The question to ask when making any decision in life is “will this help me in my goal to get happy and feel good?”


Happiness is our true state of being.


Law of attraction tells us that what we think about and feel about, we bring about into reality. In other words, we have the ability to bring into our lives or manifest anything that we want to be, do or have. We can take charge of your emotions by reaching for positive thoughts as much as possible. This is the key to all positive manifestations.


There are 3 steps to any manifestation. They are:

a) Ask for what you want (this is our job).

b) The answer is always given and it is “Yes” (this is the law of attraction universe’s job).

c) Allow the desire to come forth by getting into a state of relaxed positive emotion (this is our job).


I have been practicing a form of therapy and teaching called “The Journey” for the past few years. You can watch a law of attraction video Class where I guide you on this form of healing here: Guided Visualization: A Journey Into Freedom.


The term was coined by Brandon Bays, the creator of this work. In her early 40’s, Brandon was diagnosed with a very large tumor in her abdomen, that was crushing her vital organs. When she was diagnosed, her doctors gave her a 2 month window of time, before the tumor must be removed, in order to save her life.


Brandon Bays of course asked to be restored to perfect health. The universe of course answered and said “Yes”. Then Brandon Bays went about getting access to a love and peacefulness inside (state of allowing) and in 6 weeks’ time her tumor was dissolved. She has since been teaching “how” she did this all over the world. Brandon Bay’s book entitled “The Journey” is where she shares her story and her discovery of The Journey.


I discovered The Journey after suffering from a serious depression for 4 years. After one session, with a Journey practitioner, my depression lifted, and three sessions later, I let go of the medication that I had been on for several years.


I am a psychologist and so immediately became trained in The Journey processes.


What I have come to know is that The Journey helps us clean up the negative vibration that is stopping us from being in positive emotion. In others words it helps us be WHO WE REALLY ARE.


Most people are in negative emotion most of the time. The Journey teaches one to sit with the negative emotion, until the thought attached to it comes clear. Often it is an old negative memory. The Journey process releases this negative emotion, attached to this past event, and then transform this past negative event into a better feeling event, thus restoring one to a state of feeling good or being happy.


All illness, negative patterns of behavior and stress are caused by our negative emotions and thinking patterns. Thus, The Journey processes are invaluable in assisting us in getting well and feeling better.


Law of Attraction brings to us good feeling things when we are feeling good. The Journey helps to restore us to a good feeling place. The Journey processes are greatly enhanced when combined with the knowledge of Law of Attraction. It is the constant attention to the desire to feeling good and “getting happy” that is the key to all wellness.


What is also most interesting about The Journey is that when these past memories are cleared, a calmness and feeling good state-of-being fills our being. This is Source energy flowing through us.


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