Making Great Things Happen From A Few Possessions

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30 October 2012
How To Make Things Happen - How To Balance Your Life


If only you had more reserves! If only you had more money, more assets to get started! This is one of the most common excuses people make when subjects of dreams, ambitions and hopes come up. They say they are thinking realistically, that they are limited - not by thought - but by the “real world.” They may even view these negative thoughts as a form of considering self-discovery questions.


The Secret is to Balance Your Life

In actuality, we are observing a human phenomenon. It’s called rationalization, and it’s the process we use to talk ourselves out of new opportunities. Granted, not all logic and rational is a bad thing; logic bars us from taking chances in heavy traffic, or from going on huge shopping sprees when we don’t have the funds. However, people will also rationalize why their dreams are far into the future and they “can’t” take steps to start a new leaf.


Balancing your life is the answer.

You cannot live recklessly, without any form of logic or rationale; but then again, you can’t live your life so rigidly, so quietly, that you neglect every opportunity for growth. The principles of balance suggest that there is a time and place for everything - from business development to self-discovery exercises to vacation and rest. When you are balanced you neglect nothing, but make plans for all your personal and professional priorities.


How to Balance Your Life with Possessions

Imagine no possessions, a well-known musician once said. Possessions, or lack of possessions, should never be an obstacle. Possessions are all credits, not debits. In fact, you could even argue that all possessions are a distraction. The truth is, you don’t need things to achieve your dream. You don’t need money to achieve your dream. (Unless your goal is celebrity stardom or instant worldwide fame, which is not really a realistic goal)


What you need is vision.

You must visualize the details of your dream and determine how to create a goal sheet. Rather than counting your obstacles, focus on how to use the assets you have. Remember, your effort and time count as assets. Your friendships are assets. Rather than put off a mission entirely, start building small, according to your budget. If you stay the course, you will grow.


And always remember: a realistic but optimistic perspective will give you the fuel to accomplish your greatest works!



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