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19 October 2012
Law Of Attraction Physics - Law Of Attraction Success


Have you ever heard the adage that suggests, “We pursue what retreats from us?” That indicates that the thing we want the most, is running away from our grasp. That makes sense, right? After all, how challenging has it been to reach out and follow your dreams? Is there a science to this? Why is it that when we actually want something it retreats from us and does so with a vengeance? Enter the law of attraction.


Law Of Attraction Physics


Some people believe that the law of attraction explains this phenomenon. The law is essentially that “like attracts like” and that positivity and negativity seek each other out, not only on a personal level but on a scientific level.  Ideally, a person who focuses on positive thoughts will bring positivity towards him; a person who concentrates on the negative, will bring negative thoughts and thus negative actions and reactions his way.


Proponents of the law of attraction success point to the placebo effect as proof of this system; patients who believe that a placebo has miraculous healing powers actually fare better than patients who are not told anything. The other side of the coin the “nocebo” effect (patients believing they have negative side effects simply because the situation is possible) which has also shown some strong evidence. 


The anecdotal evidence of the “secret of the universe” has led many to try law of attraction affirmations, and law of attraction meditation.  Whether it’s placebo effect or a mystical well-guarded secret, success results are overwhelming. With positive thinking (along with an organized set of goals), people have accomplished many spectacular things. For example:


          - Poor individuals have become filthy rich.

          - People have fought off terminal cancer.

          - Individuals have watched as garage projects become multinational companies.

          - Average looking guys and girls have nabbed a beautiful mate.


And so on. Positivity can definitely not hurt. And if your body and mind are working towards the same goals, you are unstoppable. The world, the universe, moves according to your momentum.


The only thing left is the complex task of mastering the law of attraction. This is not as easy as it sounds, since you must not only manipulate your conscious mind and body, but also your subconscious mind. Meditation helps in this regard, though more comprehensive studies may also be required. If you want to learn more about the law of attraction our meditation videos can be of help. You can also share your story on the This Is My Story page, and let others know that this approach really works!



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