Archangel Raphael Speaks On Healing And Recovery

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05 November 2012
Angel Readings - Angel Messages - Archangel Raphael


Channeled by Jenn Royster


During times of great change, we find ourselves in unknown territory, feeling unsure and crave for someone to tell us what to do. The energy of change brings new beginnings as old ways fade away. “Out of the ashes the Phoenix rises”, a saying that is all too familiar to us recently, it means that new beginnings will always follow when something ends. This is the way of the Universe and Spiritual Law.


When we lose something that we love so much, we will grieve the loss. This is natural and giving yourself the time to adjust and recover from major loss is necessary. But, then comes a day that we release the tight grip we have on the “way it was” and we finally surrender to the new. This is healing and the way life renews itself. We heal, we learn from the experience, and then we move on.


We came here to shine our best light in this world and many will shine their brightest during challenges. They will discover how valuable they are and how deep their soul can run. They will connect to the Spark of the Divine within. This is the way to overcome whatever crosses your path. When you connect to that Divine spark and allow it to guide you. You will rise up from the ashes better than before.


Archangel Raphael has been with me for several days and I have been in a state of quiet listening for what he wants to share with you during this channeling. He has brought through much compassion and comfort for all. -Jenn Royster


Message from Archangel Raphael


Dear loved ones, We have heard your prayers for help and been with you during the many tears. We are with you day and night to help you through anything that is challenging you. There is much change moving rapidly on Earth during this time that is bringing in the new energies of a higher dimension. This is not to cause you pain, it is to bring higher awareness to you for a happier and prosperous life to earth. The world has always gone through changes over the many thousands of years, but during this time it is changing rapidly. You are asked to learn quickly. You would not have chosen to be here during this time if it were too much for you. So know this... You are capable of much more than you realize.


During challenges and life’s unexpected upsets, It would be most helpful for you to pay attention to how you react. This brings awareness to where you need to change how you respond and find a different direction. If you find that life is uncomfortable, stressful and difficult, this is where changing your response to a higher positive frequency will bring about a more peaceful transition.


The answers will not be found in what others are doing or not doing, but in how you respond and turn inward to be fully aware of how you react. This is a great learning opportunity for all of humanity to learn the ways of the higher dimensions. You are evolving to a higher plane and it will be most helpful to you to learn the ways of the 5th dimension, NOW!


In the 5th dimension, Love is sent to all and is appreciated greatly no matter what is happening. Those of you already living in the 5th reality, please DO shine your light bright! For this will help others find their way to a better life. For those of you struggling, look for the light that shines within you and in others, for it is the Divine flashlight that never runs out of batteries and it will show you the way.


-Archangel Raphael


Master Jenn Royster, D.DIV. is a world-renowned Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. To learn more about Jenn Royster, visit her on or go to her website at, Facebook or Twitter.



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