Arthritis, Grief And Journey Work

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01 November 2012
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Arthritis is a disease that many people have and one that most think comes with age.


There is a strong belief in this culture that as we age we decline in health. I would like to say firmly "this just does not have to be so." Our bodies are made to be healthy and they break down not because of age but because of thought patterns that create illness. Arthritis is one such illness that is initiated by our thought patterns.


I have my own story of letting go of arthritis.


It was about 5 years ago and over about a 1 month period of time, I could feel that my hands were beginning to stiffen up. I could tell that it was the beginning of arthritis because I had heard so many stories of what arthritis felt like. I had even seen people's hands that were so full of arthritis that they were deformed and terribly painful even look at.


As I would feel the arthritis in my fingers I was a little concerned but mostly I thought it would just go away on its own, just as many other ailments had come and gone in the past. After about 3 weeks, I woke up one morning and I just knew that I was supposed to do a Journey process to see what was at the heart of this stiffening of my fingers.


I had come to know that all illness was created by negative thought and emotion, and that most often it was old, stored cellular memories that were the culprit.


So this particular morning I lay in bed for a while longer than usual and just said to myself, "today is the day to find out what this arthritis is asking me to let go of”. Because really that is what illness is, it is a sign from the body saying "look within and clear this symptom." Really it is our body’s clever way of letting us know that all is not well within.


So I closed my eyes and began the Journey process. I guided myself to a place in my body where this stored cellular memory was located and accessed the old memory. It was a memory of when my grandmother had died many years previously. She had died very suddenly. She was the woman that I was closest to in the entire world.


When I was a little girl my grandmother was like my connection to all that was good. When I was in her presence I always felt this deep sense of unconditional love that she offered me. When I hugged her, I felt like I was being surrounded by a loving energy so strong it could rock the planet with its solidity.  It was a feeling of being secure and safe that I will always remember.


So when grandma died, I was stunned. No one really expected it and yet in reviewing her behavior in the two weeks prior to her death, it was like she was saying goodbye to all of us that she loved. She called each of her children and had long chats with them. She took me out shopping the weekend before and there were many other events like this that we recalled. It clearly was the behavior of a person who was ready to let go and move on to another experience.


So one night, grandma sat in her rocking chair with a book by her favorite author and she closed her eyes and died just as peacefully as anyone could imagine transitioning. She died like she lived, in a loving gentle way.


I was called in the middle of the night about her death and I remembered cancelling a ski trip I was about to go on the next day, so that I could be around to help out in any way that I could. I spoke at her funeral and did whatever else I was asked to by my mother and aunts.


One thing I never did do was cry about her death. I am not sure why but I just never did. Perhaps the suddenness of her dying was a factor. So much to do in a short time in order for the funeral to occur.


So that morning 5 years ago, the memory that came flooding my being was of my grandmother and how much I had loved her. I began to wail, it was a deep long intense crying that had been waiting to happen all these years. The grief had been stored in my body and had manifested as arthritis. And the arthritis was the calling from source energy to tell me that I had something to clear.


After that one process, where I let go of the grief in one good long cry, my arthritis was completely gone. I am not kidding, I have never felt that stiffness since. The very next day, my fingers were loose and healthy again. The crying was not so much about her death; it was more about her love. I was overwhelmed with this deep sense of knowing that I had known a really great woman.  A woman who taught me what unconditional love felt like.


So trust me when I say that illness is not normal, it is abnormal. It can be cleared and you can be restored to health no matter what you may have. I have seen it over and over and over again. You can GO HERE NOW to access an audio version of the Journey process work.


I am sure that you have someone in your life that you have felt this way about. I would love to hear your story. Please leave a comment and share it if you will. And if you like this article, please share it on Facebook or Twitter by pressing the like button.


P.S. If you know of someone who suffers from arthritis please let them know that there is help available. Let them know that they do not have to suffer any more. Tell them this story and about Journey work.  Imagine if you could help someone let go of the excruciating pain that arthritis can be. What a gift you would have given to them.


Master Joanie McMahon has been helping thousands of people understand who they really are. A true expert successfully combining her genuine love of helping people achieve their dreams through self-discovery and empowerment. Joanie has enriched and changed the lives of many. For more on Joanie, visit her on or go to her website at, Facebook or Twitter.



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