Fresh Minds: Here Are 4 Simple Ways to Wash Your Mind

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27 November 2012
Wake Up Feeling Refreshed - Clear Negative Energy


Not everyone is a morning person.


I wish I woke up refreshed and clear every day, but I usually don't. I awake to last night's mix tape still playing in my head a lot. Yet I know how powerful it is to start the morning on a good note, with a fresh mind that is open to opportunities.


To compensate, I've discovered a whole bunch of way to “wash my mind” right after I brush my teeth in the morning.


1. Do an inversion. It doesn't have to be headstand, but it can be. Doing a forward fold for two minutes, or putting your legs up on a wall is a great way to change up your internal energy. This also helps your digestion, and a clear body is key to a clear mind.


2. Try Neti. One way to wash your mind is to wash your nose. Remember how good you feel after a swim in the ocean? Sometimes salt water slips into your nose, but afterwards you breath so clearly.... Neti is like that, but considerably more comfortable. A Neti pot is an inexpensive way to rinse your nose out with salt water. It takes just a few moments.


3. Yoga and meditation. Just three sun salutations can have a profound impact on my day, and even a few minutes of meditation gets me grounded. Of course, getting a full practice in the morning feels amazing, but just do what you can. Even a little bit helps.


4. Invest in a singing bowl. You won't regret it. These are amazing instruments for meditation, and for a few moments, you'll feel a sound current revolving around your brain. The sound of the singing bowl travels from ear to ear, clearing out any old patterns and opening the pathways for opportunity. Ringing a singing bowl in the morning clears the energy and adds a magical note to your day.


What do you usually do to boost your energy in the morning? Let’s share our tips and tricks in the comment section below. Also, let us know if the techniques above worked for you :)


Maitri (Simona Marie Asinovski) practices yoga as a means to an ethical, meaningful life. She studies culture and philosophy at New York University, and created her own concentration, “The Relationship Between Honesty and Desire”. Largely influenced by existentialism, it’s about the importance of keeping your integrity, no matter what. Maitri teaches a flowing vinyasa class with an emphasis on setting intentions. She is fascinated by the emotional release that arises yoga. She uses the patters of asana, meditation and self-reflection as means of learning balance in contradiction. Most recently, she’s been working with gongs and invites you to experience sound healing yourself. To learn more about Maitri, visit her on her website or go to her Facebook or Twitter.



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