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How To Safely Pursue The Career Of Your Dreams

Career Directions - Career Development - Career ADD
  This is not an article about how to find your spiritual path. However, this is an article that will not sugar coat the fact that finding your true career direction – the one that represents who you are as a person, requires going inside for the answers first. By that I mean allowing yourself to dream the big dream and connect with the part of you that wants to have it all… and defines precisely what that is.   How often have you heard that defining your...

Your Ideal Career, Distractions and Career ADD

Cellular Memory, Freedom  for Kids: Career Add
  Distractions of any kind can derail us…right?   Couple those distractions with a diagnosis of Career ADD or living a Career ADD Lifestyle that is leading you down the wrong path.   How many of us are switching activities multiple times throughout the day, and at the end of the day very little is truly accomplished?   Now imagine how those same distractors are impacting your work every day. Making a career choice leading to career happiness...

How Childhood Stories Can Lead To Career Happiness

Choosing A Career - Childhood Story
  When you were seven years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?   Believe it or not, taking this nostalgic journey back to a simpler time may be exactly what you need to begin the career defining or career transition process.  Why?  Because your instincts at that age, while play acting, before the “shoulda, woulda, couldas” began to impact your choices (hint – someone else’s influence) are the first clues to our natural career...

Do Career Assessments Really Lead To Career Happiness?

Career Happiness - Career Explorer - Help Me Find A Career
  When I first began my career as a Career Counselor, I remember attending a conference for our profession held in Sacramento close to 20 years ago. One of the workshops was a debate on both sides of the effectiveness of career assessments versus self-assessment and introspection.   While I have taken and given many assessments, I have never been an advocate of its use, with the exception of the Self-Directed Search by John Holland, which I use in a very limited capacity,...

Career Assessments and Career Happiness II: Connecting the Dots

Building Careers - Career Guide - Successful Careers
  I recently wrote on Career Assessments and Career Happiness at Masters Channel. In it I explained that the trouble with many of these assessments are that there is no personal involvement or inner process that involve an individual seeking guidance in the results other than checking yes or no to a question – or another limited response.   I recently had an “aha” moment with a client who was in the process of identifying  the top skills she feels...

Find Career Happiness By Focusing On Using Your Favorite Skills

Focusing Techniques - Career Happiness - Career ADD
  It seems the world “focus” comes up a lot lately in the media, emails, conversations - basically just about everywhere. Perhaps it is the Universe’s way of telling us that it is time to pay attention. Focus, or lack of, seems to be a recurring theme among us Career ADDers.  Our thoughts are constantly tripping over themselves, coming at us from all directions and sending conflicting messages.   For those of us with Career ADD, one of the more...

Career ADD and Relationships at Work

Relationships at Work - Career Advice - Work Relationships
·       Are you in a job or career where you find that others around you are annoyed with you? ·        Are your relationships at work suffering? ·       Are you getting called on the carpet in your job by your supervisor/manager or co-workers and can’t figure out why? ·       Do you keep making little and big mistakes over and over...

Cancer Diagnosis: A Death Sentence Or A Call To Freedom?

Cancer sign - Call To Freedom - Cancer Experience
  Four years after his diagnosis of cancer, my husband transitioned. He died. For me, this was a learning experience like no other. Often, it is not until one gets a diagnosis such as this, does a person see that their life is out of balance and that this diagnosis is nothing more than a call to move into the balance of health and well-being that is their true nature. There are many things I learned from that experience that I am certain others can benefit from.   The thing...

How I Survived Cancer...

Survive Cancer - Live Passionate
  After a what seemed to be a routine tonsillitis operation, I could not understand why the doctor had called me back to his office so soon.  Little did I know that I was in for the surprise of my life. Yet, today, I can still hear the words echoing out of the doctor's mouth: "Steve, you have cancer of the throat, and 8 jelly bean sized cancerous tumors in your lymph nodes in your neck" cut and dry. Just like THAT he uttered these words:   You have less then a...

Negative Words to Eliminate From Your Vocabulary

Eliminate the Negative - Words to Avoid - Spiritual Well Being
The words we use set the tone for our interactions in our day-to-day life, as well as alter our personal mindsets. Have you ever met a “Debbie Downer,” who seemingly only uses negative language, bringing everyone around him or herself down a little bit? Nobody wants to be that person. Wouldn’t you much rather be a bright spot in others’ lives, bringing happiness with your optimistic attitude? The words you choose to use can determine your mood and outlook on life, as...

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