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Rev. Daya  Devi-Doolin

Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin !

Master Reverend Daya Devi-Doolin is an acclaimed author and unity minister, as well as a pioneer for women and members of the African American and immigrant communities in the modern, diverse United States of America and the world over. Daya hosts her own radio show called “The Only Way Out, Is In”.  She has Co-founded, led, hosted, participated in, and contributed to the Doolin Healing Sanctuary for the Reiki, Body Talk, Rebirthing, Matrix Energetics, and quite a few other effective, spiritual and holistic healing programs and services.

She has been an incredibly dedicated yoga instructor and student for the past fifty years, as part of the notable Registered Yoga Alliance. 
She is a regular content article writer, and as such has become an icon of inspiration, love and wellness for those who follow her teachings. Because of her heavy involvement in many different facets of universal human progression, specifically with the advancement of the health, overall well-being and spiritual life of girls and women, she was nominated in the 11th annual Girl Scouts of America’s “Women of Distinction” awards in the health and fitness categories.
Among her many proud achievements, Daya was exclusively featured on February 2012 in recognition of Black History Month. Her exploration into the health and well-being of her cherished community are discussed in depth, as well as some of her more personal and professional triumphs.  For many years, she has been helping others to answer the age-old question “how do I live my life?” and it seems she has no intention of stopping soon.
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