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Michael Mapes !

Master Michael Mapes is a distinguished and well practiced psychic medium and speaker who has been an active participant in important criminal investigations. Michael has also been the subject of scientific research on psychic abilities.


Michael has made numerous television and radio appearances on APSR Radio, The Joyce Kellar Show, The X-zone, Angels Among Us, Power 96.5, and others. 


A talented physic, Michael uses his special gifts to help sort out many emotional and spiritual problems amongst people from all walks of life. 


Whether you need advice on your career opportunities, your physical and mental health, your family, romantic relationships, or just want to be happy with yourself, he can undoubtedly help in a significant way.


Michael is based in the Midwestern United States, and splits his work time between Des Moines, Iowa and Minneapolis Minnesota. He is available for both individual psychic readings and full classes on how to develop your own individual spiritual life, and to balance your personal thoughts and deep emotions with your own unique psychic abilities.

Like many people with genuine clairvoyant gifts, he discovered his unique abilities at a very young age. He recalls telling his old preschool teacher that he was in fact “a psychic” when a very young boy - he was only five years of age.
Young Michael tried to avoid his gift of psychic ability in his late childhood and teenage years; this subject was a cause of utter shame and total discomfort, something that would make him stand out from the crowd in his per group. But by the time Michael was a young adult, he had made the brave decision to go public with his gifts, and to accept the responsibilities that came with them.
Michael's main goal is to show people their possibilities by using the psychic and spiritual worlds, and to achieve and maintain the abundance many of us crave so desperately in our own lives.
Michael has literally traversed the whole wide globe helping all types of people to deeply understand their own unique psychic abilities and spirituality.
He will help you find happiness, true love and will guide you to live the life you want. As a bonus, he will also teach you how to develop your own intuition. Check out Michael's videos on Masters Channel and grow from inside out!
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