How To Clear Your Samskaras (Karma Series)

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Karma is so often associated with negativity.
People fear Karma.
People quote Karma.
People misunderstand Karma.

In any event, weather you understand Karma or not, this video is about clearing your Samskaras so that you don't have to worry about Karma.

Karma is nothing more than "movement" or "action". Karma doesn't happen to us. An outside force does not cause things to happen to us.

You can let go of that fear right now.

If you really want to understand Karma and minimize once and for all its effect in your life, there are two essential terms you must understand: Karma and Samskara. The two act together. Like partners. Like best friends. Like everything you need to know to live a good life.

It could be that you are hearing of Samskara for the first time. I will explain what it is and after that if you feel you need to clear your Samskara then I invite you to watch this video Class with our Master Laura Schwalm.

This is one of the most wonderful processes I've seen!

Karma and Samskara act together. Karma is movement and action. It is what is happening outside of you.

Sankara on the other hand is an internal experience.

Think of it as the deepest thoughts of your mind, the place where the most profound impressions of your life and experiences are stored. Your subconscious mind. However, our inner
conditions and processes lead us to experience the outer effects (or consequences) of our actions, or in other words: Samaskara determines your Karma!


To attract luck into your life, you must deal with both, Samaskara and Karma: If you want higher intuition and insights, it is necessary not only to deal with the external actions or behavior, but also with deep subconcious that forms your Samaskara.

Luck, I said!

This video Class will teach you something amazing, transcendental and unique. You will learn the great achievement of the true yogis: to gradually amplify the Samskara's intensity, until they can be completely purified into clear consciousness. This is an important part of the process of Yoga Meditation and Yoga Nidra. This is perhaps your most important tool to deal with Karma.

Are you ready? Let's do it.

NOTHING can stay in the way of someone determined to be happy, lucky and free.

Not others. Not consciousness. Not Karma.

Take charge of your life today and CLEAR YOUR SAMSKARAS!


The Master would like you to know...

Watch this carefully, and take notes. I want you to take as much information as possible. It will be a rewarding journey!


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