Understanding The Psychological Cause Of Your Disease - Part 1

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Do you feel like you’re a victim of your disease?

Do you suffer from a chronic ailment that keeps you away from the things you enjoy?

Or are you just fed up with the recurrent sore throat or sinus infection?

Here’s a new revolutionary way of understanding diseases and other ailments. A disease is no coincidence; it’s actually a window into your inner world!

Firstly, it is very important to understand that not all causes of stress are diseases. Stress is part of life. That is what protected us for a long time and it still does. In a moment of urgency or danger, it will give us strength to lift a car or run very fast away from a danger. It has enabled us to find new ways or new solutions, and it has been part of our EVOLUTION

What causes a disease is the fact that you will find yourself experiencing a big stress and it will linger on ... You won’t be able to find a solution for that stress and you will stay on and on and on in that stress.

The Approach Foundation lies in the discovery of a German oncologist. An oncologist is a cancer specialist. He had a very good practice, healthy life, good family, he was in a very good condition, but he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. And at first he couldn’t understand WHY, because he had a very healthy life style. But then he realized that he was diagnosed a few months after his son had died. And he thought it was an odd coincidence that he developed testicular cancer after his son (who technically came from his testicles) had died.

So he decided to interview all his patients who had had testicular cancer. And he discovered that all of them had suffered the same great loss - that of a child, namely. So he decided to extend his research – he interviewed over 20,000 patients with different cancers. And he discovered two important things:

• people with the same type of cancer had more or less the same story

• the disease was very logically triggered.

There was a link that was very logical in the type of disease that they suffered.

Afterwards, many European doctors proceeded to do further research, going beyond just the cancer, but all the diseases that one can suffer.

What I really would like is you to see the logic behind the diseases and start having another point of view on whatever you are suffering from. The more you understand the logic behind it, the more you will be able to use it yourself, even thought you don’t know what is Neuro-bio-psychology and you haven’t studied it. Maybe you will make the connection, the links, you will understand how logic it is, and you will be able to help yourself.


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